Wireless Earwax Remover Otoscope Tool

Experience a new era in ear care with our patented Ear Cleaner, featuring HD live streaming over WiFi for crystal-clear visuals. The 1080P resolution, daily waterproof design, and long-lasting battery redefine ear wax removal. Download the ‘bebird’ App, available for Apple and Android, and enhance your ear health today. Shop now for the ultimate ear-cleaning experience!

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(9 customer reviews)


Introducing our revolutionary Ear Cleaner featuring Patented Technology for an unparalleled ear-cleaning experience. With HD live streaming capabilities over WiFi through our dedicated App, this device offers a unique and precise view into the ear canal. The six ultra-bright LEDs provide optimal illumination, ensuring perfect visibility and control during the cleaning process. Experience crystal clear videos with our ear cleaner’s 5 unique brightness levels, allowing you to monitor your ear health with exceptional clarity.

Key Features:

**1080P and WiFi Connection:**
Enjoy a high-definition, low-latency 1080P picture for a new and enhanced ear cleaning experience. Benefit from a strong WiFi signal, ensuring a smooth and delay-free video feed.

**Daily Waterproof:**
Our ear cleaner is designed for versatile use in various environments, including dry and oily ears. The 4.5mm lens is washable, allowing direct water contact. Additionally, it can be utilized to observe other body parts such as the mouth, scalp, and even pet skin.

**Long-lasting Battery Life:**
Equipped with a high-quality 120mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, our ear wax removal tool offers a long-lasting battery life of approximately 30 minutes. Enjoy extended usage without the need for frequent charging.

**Using Methods:**
To start using the Ear Cleaner, download the “bebird” App. Apple users can find it on the Apple Store, while Android users can refer to the instruction manual inside the box and scan the QR code for a hassle-free download.

– Material: ABS
– Lens Inner Diameter: 4.5mm
– Pixel: 3 Million
– Color Options: Black/White

**Package Includes:**
1 x Ear Wax Remover

Upgrade your ear care routine with our advanced Ear Cleaner, providing a detailed and user-friendly solution for maintaining optimal ear hygiene.

9 reviews for Wireless Earwax Remover Otoscope Tool

  1. Yuvraj Wolf

    Country: CAColor:whiteAShipsFrom:CN

  2. Marlen Akhmetov

    Country: KR

    It’s good. It looks good.

  3. Speranzio Bartolone

    Country: MA

    A hats for the seller

  4. Kholmatzhon Daniarov

    Country: MA

  5. Aliya Fernandez

    Country: CLColor:oldpackageShipsFrom:CNThe product exceeded my expectations, very good and easy to use, the best at an affordable price… Recommended 100%

  6. Major Woodrum

    Country: TR

    Excellent device. Very easy to use. Picture quality is very good and sharp. Took 7 days to arrive to Turkey . Thanks to seller for fast shipping.

  7. Craig Piro

    Country: LB

    Astonishing. Highly recommended.

  8. Joseph Garreau

    Country: FR

    good quality

  9. Korey Wu

    Country: RU

    The seller sent the parcel immediately, in a few hours. The parcel took 18 days to Moscow. I like it very much. Everything is visible well, clearly. Charge for a long time is not enough. In 10-12 minutes, the charge dropped from 62% to 35%. But this is enough.

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